How to Make Exercise Fun

Starting exercise can be very daunting and the more of a chore it is to do, the less chance you have of getting up and exercising towards a happy and healthier you. How do we make exercise fun and not a chore so you can get yourself up and about and working on your fitness?

I have compiled some hint and tips to change your mindset to enjoy fitness and make exercise fun:

1. Add your personalised playlist when working out. If you are enjoying the music it takes your mind off what the body doing and changes your focus.

2. Do exercises you enjoy. Find an exercise you enjoy doing and focus on that exercise. The fitter and stronger you get will make those unbearable exercises bearable and you can bring those exercises into your routine down the track.

3. Exercise with a mate or a group of people you can have a laugh with. You don’t have to go through the experience yourself, grab a friend or a group of friends so it takes your mind of the exercising and it usually consists of many laughs and funny moments. If one person doesn’t feel like exercising the other friend or rest of the group can motivate you to get up and train.

4. Have a dance. If things are getting tough and don’t feel like you can do much more, have a little dance to relax things and get the mind set to start again.

5. Go to your happy place. Think about good things that have happened to you, or fun things you are going to be doing down the track, events, catch ups etc. Use this to get you through the session.

6. Use fun equipment. Use footballs, bats and balls, dice with different exercises and number of exercises to do etc. This mixes up the session and are a bit of fun.

7. Don’t always take it too seriously. Always remember that exercise does not have to be super serious, have a laugh, muck around, do what ever you need to do to get through the session and make it a fun experience rather than a chore.

Make the sessions to suit you, get it done and, above all, ENJOY!

Author: Chris Burckhardt - Your World Fitness - BC FIT

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