A new era in results-based fitness has begun right here at Your World Fitness.

We have consulted with the country's best fitness minds and built what we consider to be the best workout program in Adelaide; Basement Fit.

Every session in Basement Fit is designed to get you in to the best shape of your life in record time. In fact, we believe that our Basement Fit program will get you twice the results of the average workout program in half the time.

Using a combination of various training methodologies, each high-energy Afterburn and Meta-Fit sessions are fun, challenging and designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body while the strength class will build muscle and teach you techniques to increase strength and power.

Personalisation is the key to continued results, which is why each workout is modified to fit your personal fitness level. Whether your're just starting your fitness journey or you are a long time gym buff, our superb team of personal trainers will help you every step of the way towards your goals.

All sessions can be done at your own pace to your own level of fitness - however the harder you work, the better your results.



*Due to covid-19 all members are required to sanitise their hand on arrival, bring a towel with you when you work out and wipe equipment before and after use. 1.5m social distancing rules still apply. We look forward to seeing you at the club and helping you reach your fitness goals.




SUPERSET (30 mins)

Intensity level - Low to High 


BODY BLAST (30 mins)

Intensity level – Very High

Body Blast is a 30-minute, bodyweight-only, non-choreographed, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout

The Body Blast training approach sees clients working at a maximum intensity (HRMax above 90 per cent) during short work intervals to utilise the ATP-PC (adenosine triphosphate and phosphocreatine) and lactic acid energy sources, and then having adequate rest through static and active recovery to replenish these energy sources for the greatest aerobic metabolism boost after the workout.

Afterburn Superset is designed around the principle of "Super-Setting" - following an exercise immediately with a complimentary exercise designed to overload the muscles and create both a leaner look AND a greater cardiovascular base. Perfect for the on-the-go client looking for a workout that hits legs, chest, back, and abs with maximum effectiveness!

AFTERBURN Glute Activator (30 Mins)

Intensity Level - High

Our unique Glute Activator class 

incorporates the core weight lifting exercises for glutes, and the foundation Pilates exercises for glute activation. Combine that with upbeat music, professional choreography and scientifically studied timing sets and you’ve got a class that should be on the top of everybody’s priority list.


STRENGTH (30 mins) 

Intensity level – Medium-High


CIRCUIT (30 mins)

Intensity level – Medium

Utilising the principles of progressive overload and TUT (time-under-tension), Afterburn Strength is a 30 minute circuit designed with weights in mind. Guaranteed to increase lean muscle mass AND the bodies fat burning potential, this isn't one you want to miss if your goals include getting healthy, lean, and strong!

Hitting ever major muscle group in the body AND your cardiovascular system isn't easy, but Afterburn Circuit makes it seem like a piece of cake. Moving from one end of the room to the other, you'll work your legs, back, chest, arms, AND LUNGS in short intervals at maximum capacity so you walk away the perfect picture of overall health through fitness!


LEGS (30 Mins)

Intensity Level - Medium

Look for a higher vertical leap? A faster 100m sprint? What about just plain, stronger legs? Then Afterburn Legs is for you! Utilising a proven mixture of bodyweight and weighted exercises, this class targets both the anterior and posterior chain of leg muscles to build pins to be proud of!


(45 mins)

Intensity level - Medium to High

This session combines the best elements of kickboxing and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to give you a kick ass workout. Kick and punch your way to the body of your dreams while you shred off the body fat and unlock the hidden warrior inside.